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Life punch me in the face. I punched life in the face.

Bryant Park

I’m laying on my back in Bryant Park. The grass feels wet though forecasted rain has yet to fall. The sky is getting dark. The city actually seems a little bit quieter. Less sirens. My guess is people take a break from getting hurt, hurting each other, and stealing things around dinner time. There’s less […]

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Old Man Marrakech

I reached down into my right pocket and produced a few coins. With out even counting my small treasure I offered it to this old man. One hand with coins, the other with camera, I asked to pay him for his portrait. He reply was incoherent, even in his foreign language, but the enthusiasm felt […]

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Dreaming in an Italian Wild, part 1.

We spent the day in a jeep cruising through Pianacavallo, in the mountains. I stepped out of the truck in alpine and took a look at the forest. Having always wanted to try a photo like this I began experiment with the forest to figure out how to get the shot. Shot accomplished entirely in […]

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The Twisted Building in Dubai

I had the opportunity to make a return trip to Dubai in July.  I also had the opportunity to meet Daniel Cheong while I was there and he shared with me a little bit of the ins and outs of shooting in Dubai.  And he pointed me in the right direction for this shot! He’s […]

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