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Life punch me in the face. I punched life in the face.

Aloha from Barcelona! How the heck did I get here?

Aloha from Barcelona! How the heck did I get here? This fund started some weeks ago with the goal of bringing a few places around the globe to you via my lens. The plan was for NY to Dubai and the Philippines. How did I end up in Barcelona? Opportunity knocks when you pull off […]

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Visual Space

What if you could think of time in terms of volume. Instead of the turning hands on a clock face you think of the evaporating water from a canteen. At 4pm you wouldn’t think about it becoming evening; you’d think of only having one quarter of your day left. Do you accomplish something? Are you […]

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Photography Tip: Shoot in Black and White

Photo tip: shoot EVERYTHING in black and white. If you’re using a modern DSLR and shooting in RAW you can shoot in black and white settings and still keep all the color data. A RAW file is not a photograph. It is data only. Your camera interprets that data and displays a JPEG in your […]

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I don’t know what you’re saying…

I have a list of ‘things’ I say about traveling: “Traveling the world is not only about going places; its about leaving them too.” “You can only grow as large as your cage.” I’d like to add another, simply because I say it so often: “I have no idea what you’re saying.”   A common […]

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