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Life punch me in the face. I punched life in the face.

I’m reclining in a lawn chair. Its close to 11:30pm and I am in a cabin near Lake Scroon, in upstate New York. This is the real NY. The rolling hills and great lakes, New York. The old growth forests and Niagara Falls, New York. This is the kind of NY where you place rocks […]

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On a roof in NYC

I’m sitting on a roof top in NYC. The view is Manhattan from Roosevelt Island. I just threw my kindle to the table in disgust. How some people publish books is beyond me. Is it true that you really cannot unlearn something? Shame. I’ll have to wait for altheimer’s. The woman next to meet is […]

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Sand Bar Island. Concepcion, Philippines

I arrived on the bus late in the afternoon and struggled for nearly an hour to find boat that would take me to the islets.  After some some asking around at the dock I found a gentleman named Dante who would transport me for 500 pesos each way.  I arrived with my camera bag, a […]

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Bryant Park

I’m laying on my back in Bryant Park. The grass feels wet though forecasted rain has yet to fall. The sky is getting dark. The city actually seems a little bit quieter. Less sirens. My guess is people take a break from getting hurt, hurting each other, and stealing things around dinner time. There’s less […]

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