Aloha Iowa

The first leg of my trip is complete.

The last major miles stone of mile, too.

I went to Iowa, became a dad, took some pictures and spoke at a University.  That about sums the March and April 2014.  That’s it in a nut shell;  in pictures and captions below.

To be honest, I really miss being near my son.  It only hits me when I’m alone with his pictures and it surprises me every time. All of his New born photos are here.

I look forward to visiting Iowa again and again over the years to see her in all the seasons.  I caught Iowa in between Winter and Spring and I don’t feel that did her beauty any justice.  I’m not convinced I could live there, I need mountains and ocean, but I am certain that it is an American treasure.

Aloha Iowa.

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Save a little girl’s life today.

How would you like to save a little girl’s life today?

Click on the image to be taken to Eliza's story.

Click on the image to be taken to Eliza’s story.


Eliza is dying of an illness for which we have found a cure.  The cure is $2.5M under budget and behind.  If it does not get funded soon then Eliza will begin to suffer irreversible brain damage.  She is 4 years old.

This Easter myself and a group of photographers have teamed up do our part in saving Eliza, and children like her around the Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 2.26.41 AMworld, from this disease a with cure so close at hand.  I’ve donated a special edition of Lana to the organizers to raise money.   Only $1,000 worth of the Lana print will be sold.  Then the “Saving Eliza” edition will be destroyed.


This edition is available in 3 sizes.

  • Small for $30
  • Medium for $125
  • Large for $300


Lana is my best conceptual landscape and the only image of its kind.  It is a photograph, but you can’t ‘take it.’  It is as much a painting as it is a photograph and Lana has a lot more than drop of me in it.  For that reason, I chose this image for this fund raiser.  Help me help this little girl today and feel rewarded in giving back this Easter Holiday.

You can see all the work for sale from many artists joining the cause at Saving Eliza  or you can go directly to purchase Lana by clicking on the image below.    All proceeds go to Saving Eliza.  



watermark will not be on your print

watermark will not be on your print

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Logan’s Newborn Photos

Aloha Family and Friends


Logan is here !  #matiasclan newborn portrait photo by Jason Matias

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Half way through Iowa

Wow, the sands of my time in Iowa have been draining fast.  Two and a half weeks in; one and a half weeks to go.  One week until my presentation at the University of Iowa!   Too soon!  Its been a productive time, I think.  I’ve finished nine works with many more in the works and had a baby!

Tiffany and Logan
   I promise not to flood my Facebook page and Instagram with baby photos, but Logan is a photogenic dude!  He was born on a warm Monday afternoon at 1:22 in Des Moines. I’ll write more about this amazing day soon!

When I’m not trying to teach Logan how to compose my images or rambling about aerodynamics and my favorite book, The Edge of Physics, I have been doing what I love- looking for beauty in Iowa.  I must say, it hasn’t been too difficult.  Today, while we were driving from Lacona to Des Moines for a check up at Methodist Hospital I had to stop and capture a giant tree in an even larger field shrouded in fog.  We were late, but it was worth it.  What I’m trying to say is that every thing, everywhere, can be beautiful.  The right perspective and frame of mind combined with the willingness to stretch your horizons, both actual and conceptual, will lead to new discoveries and rediscoveries of the world around you.  That is the driving force behind my photography, it is my personal challenge:  share the moments that inspire you to see the beauty of the world that envelopes you.

Photographing Iowa by Jason Matias

Nine finished images from the greater Des Moines Area

Unfortunately, I won’t have too much time to capture and create before my presentation on the 11th.  My presentation at the University of Iowa will be on Friday at 5pm in the Illinois Room.  The event is free.  I will be speaking about my story and how I landed on this career path as well as discussing the theory behind my images and I will introduce post processing in depth.  I will also be sharing my portfolio and fielding any curveballs you can throw my way.  It should be fun!
Later this month the adventure continues in NYC at RAW Artists Presents: Spectrum   This show promises to be spectacular.  I will be showing my work in a gallery showing style along side a dozen+ artists, fashion designers, and musicians.  The waiting list to present their craft at this show is over two years!  The artists showing work here are very talented and extremely dedicated.  Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.  See the attached flyer for details!
Today, Friday the 4th, is the last day of the initial release sale of Kualoa Dock.  Available in color and black and white.
Kualoa Ranch and dock by Jason Matias

Initial release pieces available for 20% off until April 4th

I hope to meet many of you along my travels this summer.  I intend to share the journey each step along the way directly though email, Facebook  Instagram  and Twitter.  You can join me along the way by investing in the art here (and get a great deal on the art).    Mahalo to everyone who has invested so far,  I’m 20% toward my goal!
Invest in the art
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