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Iceberg Ally



Iceberg AlleyIceberg Alley


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Images of April

Aloha Everyone,


Each month I take the best of my photography and compile it into one contact sheet to share with everyone.  All images are print worthy and would look amazing in your home or office.  April was packed month!  I spent the first 2 weeks with Katherine from NYC on an extended Date With Hawaii.  A Date With Hawaii is a intimate tour of Hawaii with Jason, a professional lifestyle photographer and adventurer. Boiled down, it is an adventure tour for singles and couples who want an atypical Hawaii experience and bad ass photos to boot.  A Date With Hawaii will be launching soon,


Below are some highlighted photos from April. My favorite photos are the ones of Hi’ilawe Falls, on the Big Island and the shot I’m dubbing “warrior arch,” a moving meditation black and white image with a hint of blue of a woman doing Tai Chi on a unique sea arch.


Photo locations:  China Man’s Hat, Oahu; Hi’ilawe Falls, Big Island; Lulumahu Falls, Oahu; Prays Beach, Oahu; North Shore, Oahu; Warrior Arch, Oahu (west); Kalapana, Big Island; Onomea Bay, Big Island; Rainbow Falls; Big Island.



Prints are available of all images featured below.  Contact me.


Images of April!!

Hawaii Landscape Photography by Jason Matias.

My favorite images of Hawaii taken during the month of April. Professional landscape photography by Jason Matias


I’m a lucky duck.

I was talking to an old friend of mine earlier today (texting actually- I don’t have any old friends in Hawaii).  She called me a “lucky duck.”  Despite never having met a lucky duck, I knew what she meant.  I try to constantly remind myself of this ‘fact’

Yesterday I had written a post about my options going forward:  I’m in one of those personal places where you don’t know why you are where you are or which way you’re heading.  The journal sounded like a long “poor me” ‘speal
So I didn’t post it- it was counter productive. I filed those thoughts under “Not Useful” and went about my day.

I’m a lucky duck. I’ve been wanting to write a post about this.
Below is a map with pins from every place I’ve been in the last six years. Each pin has a set of pictures from each location.  The pictures will open in another window and are large enough to see where the pins are. Check them out.

That’s a lot of experiences for one person to have in six years. I am thankful to have had those opportunities.  It’s been awesome.  Being awesome is largely a factor of luck.  I read earlier today; being lucky is hard work. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately.  The Awesome is on its way again soon.  Thanks, Jess, for reminding me to see the forest for the trees.




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