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While I recognize that I am not “behind the pack” in the fields of cognitive ability, I feel like I fall short of my own expectations.  I’ve made several attempts at raising the bar but have fallen short due to circumstances in and beyond my control.

The bottom line is: I have a lot on my plate- more than I have been able to handle.  Instead of pushing somethings aside for the birds to scrap up I am trying to find a better fork.  As a trader, my ability to crunch information as quickly and objectively as possible is paramount.  I aim to actively press these skills in every way possible. As an Entrepreneur, I need these same skills and others that I am probably not aware of.  I know I’m “only” 25 but I feel like I’ve been in the eleventh hour of a war against mediocrity for some time. If I fail and fall into that high walled trap I wish to be bludgeoned in the back of the head with a ball-peen hammer so that I can walk around as glazed as most people I meet and not be aware of it.

Today Kathryn showed me Lumosity and, after some research and a lot of taking-her-word-for-it (neuroscience research specialist)    I signed up and have a 35 session, 3 month action plan to get back on that really high horse I bought in 2011.

I’m not leaving the development of my future power-house brain up to a website and iPhone App though.  At the recommendation of seemingly everyone who thinks they know me I am going to take advantage of the psychiatrists at the VA.  Becoming a consistently profitable trader as well as a top performing anything requires that you remove the energy from the inhibiting, de-habilitating, beliefs that society has imposed on its moo’ing crowds.    I took me a while, even, to find the strength to admit to myself that this is even a viable avenue given all the stigma attached to psychiatrists.  I’m not broken and I am not an emotional mess (some may have viable arguments to the contrary) but I do see room for improvement and I stretch that space as much as possible.

Being as completive as I am, I challenge anyone with an iPhone and seventy some bucks to take up the Lumosity challenge and see what development you can reap in three months.

My Brain Profile – Lumosity.


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  1. Stephenie Zamora February 26, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

    This looks so cool… I’ll check it out. And no, therapy or psychiatry does not mean you’re broken or an emotional mess. Working with a psychiatrist, life coach, energy worker or other is more about growth, transformation and healing. Healing doesn’t mean you’re damaged either, we ALL have areas or past experiences that we need to heal or work through in order to reach our full potential. The fact that you’re willing to work with experts to make that happen shows just how committed you are to being the best person you can be. It shows that you’re intelligent and that you’re able to rise above social stigma and do what’s best for you. Working with professionals only accelerates awesomeness! ;) I looked into seeing a psychiatrist recently too but settled on a life coach because my entrepreneurial “catastrophe” coverage insurance is weird. :D

    • JasonM February 27, 2012 at 8:22 am #

      Thanks for the reassurances. In my opinion, becoming the best trader requires that I do become the best person that I can be. I’m committed. You’re seeing a life coach? Two peas in a pod, you and me. I don’t even have entrepreneurial insurance! I’m hardly through the idea generation phase at this point. My business plan has been sitting on my desktop like a nagging wife (or at least what I imagine a nagging wife to be like) pointing its finger at me, telling me she needs attention. Ahh. I don’t have enough mental capital to take care of her right now.

      • Stephenie Zamora February 27, 2012 at 8:47 am #

        You sound like me… a little impatient with yourself and how things are progressing? Maybe do one little thing each day towards making it happen. When I had to work “day jobs” I was really frustrated and impatient about how things were moving along, so I would work on my business plans in my gmail. :) Even just taking 5 minutes to focus on it made me feel a lot better. I just had my first life coaching session! She’s a law of attraction coach. I’m excited. No one at Kaiser could tell me what it would cost for me to see a psychiatrist with my insurance plan so I got impatient and found another solution. ;)

        • JasonM February 27, 2012 at 9:24 am #

          Law of attraction coach?
          Thanks for the gmail tip.

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