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Pt 3. Mauna Kea Summit and Sunset at 14,000′

Thanks for stopping by!  If you missed parts one and two, read them here!

Green Sands Beach & The Manta Ray Dive Both were pretty awesome and the dive was an experience of a life time.  Here’s the vid

Mauna Kea Summit


Sunday was a simple day, thankfully.  We had planned to hit up some waterfalls early in the morning but we were SO tired after last nights dive with the Mantas!


Luckily, one of the master divers from last night’s dive convinced Kathryn that we had to go to the summit to see sunset and that the extra 4000′ made a huge difference.  (she needed convincing of that) so we swapped our POS Aveo for Wrangler Sport.

My birthday keeps getting better. I always wanted to drive one of these!

Kathryn got us lost on the way out to Mauna Kea.  I blame it on her POS GPS phone!  I was clearly at a T intersection and made a distinct right hand turn- the GPS said to keep going! What the hell?  I didn’t even get a “rerouting!”  I’m never trusting any phone but my iPhone again.

At the summit we drove around to all the keks.  Kathryn found out what its like to exert yourself at 14,000′, she said her legs felt like lead and she became light headed.  I’ve been up this high before and could push push through the sensation, but Kathryn, she was loopy as ever!

The worlds biggest telescope is in one of these. The door was locked and we couldn't get in though. :(

For those of you that don’t know, Mauna Kea is a 14,000′ volcano and the highest peak in the Pacific Basin.  The red soil from the volcano.

This video tells the rest of the story and has a time lapse of our sunset.  It was very pretty and I will visit here again the next time I’m on island.

Thanks for reading!  These three days really are the best birthday I’ve had in 26 yrs.  It was so much fun and it was something I really needed.  Next year I’ll have to book a trip to the moon to beat this birthday trip!

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