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My Best Birthday in 26 Years pt 1 Green Sands Beach

I would take an experience over a thousand drunk birthday celebrations.  Thats why, for my birthday this year, instead of a trip to the bar or to lame-ol’ Waikiki I booked a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii for a mini-adventure.  Well,  I didn’t book it- Kathryn did.  Lucky for her, too, ’cause if I were writing the itinerary we’d have spent three nights sleeping in the jeep and careening around the island non-stop surviving on Red Bull, Power Bars, and potato chips.  Lucky for us both, she made a great itinerary.

We hit the ground running at 8:30AM, ran over the Hertz and found out that I couldn’t rent a car- my license expired!  thanks a lot Nevada.  So, Kathryn hopped behind the wheel of our piece of shit Aveo and we sped off to South Point.

From where we parked we opted to hug the coast for 2.5-3 miles until we ended up at Papakolea Beach.  Also known as Green Sands Beach.  Green Sands beach is one of only two in the world.  The other beach is on the Galapagos Islands.  The Green Sand gets its color from the Olivine cinder cone that forms the back wall of the bay.

Along the way we explored some awesome tide pools, came across a grave site, and threw some Lava Rock into the ocean.  See the gallery below.


Coming soon- My Best Birthday in 26 Years pt 2 Manta Ray Dive : here’s a preview

                                                                    Giant Devil Rays!

& My Best Birthday In 26 Years pt 3 Summit of Mauna Kea.

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