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RAW Honolulu Photographer of the Year

RAWHonolulu Photographer of the Year

It’s difficult for me to think in such grand terms.  There are many and more photographers in Hawaii. Everyone I know knows a ‘photographer’ and I don’t mean me.  I don’t feel like photographer of the year when I know several colleagues who could have easily won in my place.

Accepting RAWards 2

It’s not my opinion that counts in this instance.  Thank You’s are due to all the people who feel that I deserve this award and rally behind me.

Winning photographer of the year for Hawaii puts me in the running for Photographer of the Year (period).  RAW:Natural Born Artists is an organization making it possible for stand out artists to actually stand out around their region and the country.  When all the city finalist showcases are finished there will be 54 artists in each category (there are nine) eligible for the title RAW ARTIST OF THE YEAR.  In my case, RAW Photographer of the Year, nation wide.  That does give me a tingle, I admit. I also admit that I think I can win.

I know that I have a leg up because I “live in paradise” but I have made concerted efforts toward separating my photography from the beauty of Hawaii.  I set out to shoot different every time I am in the field.  I sit on the beach, usually an hour before sunrise, and take in the landscape.  I imagine where all the photographers that will stroll in in the next hour are going to shoot and I cross those options off my list.  Or, I simply go where I expect to be alone.  The photo on the right is from Sandy Beach, on the south shore.  The one below is from Shark’s Cove.  Both are images that have never been produced.













I’ve always had this be different mentality but it really took root when I read a post from someone who had shared my image with another photographer they are fans of.  They said that my images are beautiful but that they are beautiful only because I am in Hawaii.  “If you were in Hawaii you would create amazing photographs.” Challenge accepted, every day.

My goal is to blend photography and art as seamlessly as possible.  Art is creation and photography, in all the far reaching styles, is documentation.  I want to move in the direction of Eric Alamas mixed with Peter Lik and little bit in the direction of Benjamin Von Wong.  I want to be a gallery artist and a commercial artist.  I want to take people’s imaginations and dreams and make them real. Along the way, I want to root out and create my own dreams which are theatrical and finely detailed.


Perhaps you can see some of these influences in the three images below.












Man on the Music.  Two time Grammy Award Winning artist, Dana Leong

Man on the Music. Two time Grammy Award Winning artist, Dana Leong

How does winning photographer of the year catalyze these goals.  Foremost, it makes them feel validated.  People believe in me.  That belief keeps me standing tall when the Reality Bus comes to run me over.  It comes often and there seems to be many volunteer drivers. It is my hope at this award will ad to my credibility as a photographer.  Perhaps it will be the tipping point for people who want to invest in my work or talent and drive me toward a sustainable career.  I hope that I can meet many more talented and successful artists willing to share their experiences with me and even collaborate on creative projects.

A year ago, when I began all this, I was hoping to recover the expense of my camera.  Today, while photography as a small business has become drastically more expensive then I imagined I am more invested spiritually than financially.  I look forward to representing Hawaii in LA at the national RAWards (I hope).


My top ten photos of 2013  ||  I took a photo for the President  ||  An awesome black and white waterfall  || The Last Light of 2013



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Kakaako Kitchen Gallery and the Eternity Trilogy Set.

Aloha everyone!  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I am thankful that I finally have the motivation and the drive to have taken the leap (or the plunge) into fine art photography.  I feel like the ball has begun to roll very fast as the end of the year approaches.  I’d like to invite everyone to visit me at the Blaisdell Arena Christmas Crafts and Food Expo.  I will be manning my booth on Friday, the 23rd, through Sunday the 25th with many photos printed on aluminum, film, and canvas.  The following Friday, Dec 1st,  I will be in Kailua at Christ Church United.  Please come and support Hawaii’s local artists and vendors.  

This last Thursday I was lucky enough to display my photos at Kakaako Kitchen.  I am grateful to Marcy and Russ for this awesome opportunity.  They gave me 200″ of wall space to “beautify.” I did my best.  I’m especially happy with the Hanauma Bay Sunrise photo in the center of the wall (see photo below).  It is split into a seven piece filmstrip.  The center piece is 26×26″ and the six outer pieces are 8″ squares.  It makes an Awesome wall piece.  If you’re on Oahu, definitely take some time to have lunch or dinner at Kakaako Kitchen and enjoy some new art work.  
I would like to share with you my newest set of images entitled Eternity.  Halona Beach, or “Eternity Beach Cove” is on the south shore of Hawai’i adjacent to Halona Blow Hole.  The name “Eternity Beach” comes from a love scene filmed in the movie From Here to Eternity.  The three exposures below were taken at approximately the same time, 25-30 mins before sunrise (I usually arrive on location 1-2 hours before I intend to shoot), on separate days and feature very different perspectives on what eternity might feel like.  In literature there are many contrasting opinions on what it might be like to live forever.  Which photo captures your feelings? 

 There is very little post processing in any of the images and I like to think that they reflect my mood on the morning I captured them.   The first image was captured 31 mins before sunrise and is a 124 second exposure (ISO 100, 28mm, F/22).  This was my first visit to this cove and I was very excited with all the opportunities I was finding in that tiny cove.  This is the same morning I captured Eternity Beach featured in my last email.  The second and third, you can imaging my mood upon waking up so early.  As a matter of face, I did not sleep the night leading up to the second photo!  Both shots ISO 100, 28mm, f/16; the second exposure for 60 seconds, the third for 55 seconds.  The Eternity series photos are incredible both alone and when displayed together, especially when sublimated to aluminum.  

Thank you, again, for your continued support.  I hope to continue bring new and beautiful images to your homes and offices in the future.  

Mahalo and Aloha



Jason Matias
Artistic Landscape Photographer

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Cognitive Ability – Mediocrity – Traders – Entrepreneurs : Lumosity

While I recognize that I am not “behind the pack” in the fields of cognitive ability, I feel like I fall short of my own expectations.  I’ve made several attempts at raising the bar but have fallen short due to circumstances in and beyond my control.

The bottom line is: I have a lot on my plate- more than I have been able to handle.  Instead of pushing somethings aside for the birds to scrap up I am trying to find a better fork.  As a trader, my ability to crunch information as quickly and objectively as possible is paramount.  I aim to actively press these skills in every way possible. As an Entrepreneur, I need these same skills and others that I am probably not aware of.  I know I’m “only” 25 but I feel like I’ve been in the eleventh hour of a war against mediocrity for some time. If I fail and fall into that high walled trap I wish to be bludgeoned in the back of the head with a ball-peen hammer so that I can walk around as glazed as most people I meet and not be aware of it.

Today Kathryn showed me Lumosity and, after some research and a lot of taking-her-word-for-it (neuroscience research specialist)    I signed up and have a 35 session, 3 month action plan to get back on that really high horse I bought in 2011.

I’m not leaving the development of my future power-house brain up to a website and iPhone App though.  At the recommendation of seemingly everyone who thinks they know me I am going to take advantage of the psychiatrists at the VA.  Becoming a consistently profitable trader as well as a top performing anything requires that you remove the energy from the inhibiting, de-habilitating, beliefs that society has imposed on its moo’ing crowds.    I took me a while, even, to find the strength to admit to myself that this is even a viable avenue given all the stigma attached to psychiatrists.  I’m not broken and I am not an emotional mess (some may have viable arguments to the contrary) but I do see room for improvement and I stretch that space as much as possible.

Being as completive as I am, I challenge anyone with an iPhone and seventy some bucks to take up the Lumosity challenge and see what development you can reap in three months.

My Brain Profile – Lumosity.


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