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Rainy Days come with Waterfalls

Its hard to complain about rainy season the way people do here (except for the way people drive) when the trade off is dozens and dozens of beautiful waterfalls.

Kathryn met me at the Pali Lookout.  Her path home from work crossed my path to school from work here.  She got a visit from some lonely chicklets upon getting out of her car.  Probably because no one had come by the lookout today since it was POURING.  Which, oddly enough, is why I was there.  I wanted to see if I could take some descent shots on a what most would refer to as a nasty day.


Mission Accomplished.  Check out the photos below.  (all shot with the iPhone.  BIG things will happen when I get a nice camera)





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“That looks like the doorbell to Hell.”

  “That looks like the doorbell to Hell.”  (Ironically, it was)

This quick post is for @Bhir and @ Butterfly109_af…What’s the “af” stand for?

These two ladies humored me with a game of 20 questions trying to figure out what heck this photo is.


Bonnie finally hit the nail on the head JUST before I was about to give in and tell her.  Its the door bell to the house in Vegas.  The first time I saw it I said, “That looks like the doorbell to Hell.”  (Ironically, it was). It was months later that I finally figured out how I wanted to make this doorbell and my imagination mesh into colorful pixels.

Sometimes photography is hard work.  I fear that the millions on IG forget or don’t realize that this is true.  These two photos are unedited.  I didn’t add clouds or bright lights.  I didn’t increase saturation or make the blacks darker… I spent three hours capturing what my imagination already saw.

I decided to take the picture from underneath.  Since I didn’t own a real tripod at the time (now I have a real tripod and no camera) I had build one, jenga style.

I grabbed a small desk that a roommate had left.

Some books.

A cutting board to make it level.

And I needed the towel to keep it from sliding.

The most challenging part of taking this picture was controlling the light.  There is a street lamp directly behind me and light leakage from around the front.  I cut and taped boxes to the stucco (not an easy task) and stood on a chair with a towel to block the light street lamp.  I had to use two towels to make it dark enough.

Figuring out the right combination of light and camera settings took about three hours and a lot of exercise.  Exposure time: 15 seconds. Fstop 3.2  Did I mention that in Vegas, at night, it is still about 100 degrees?


The only way you’d be able to figure out what these next three macros are would be to become psychic…..


And if you’re psychic, we have a lot to talk about….

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