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Cognitive Ability – Mediocrity – Traders – Entrepreneurs : Lumosity

While I recognize that I am not “behind the pack” in the fields of cognitive ability, I feel like I fall short of my own expectations.  I’ve made several attempts at raising the bar but have fallen short due to circumstances in and beyond my control.

The bottom line is: I have a lot on my plate- more than I have been able to handle.  Instead of pushing somethings aside for the birds to scrap up I am trying to find a better fork.  As a trader, my ability to crunch information as quickly and objectively as possible is paramount.  I aim to actively press these skills in every way possible. As an Entrepreneur, I need these same skills and others that I am probably not aware of.  I know I’m “only” 25 but I feel like I’ve been in the eleventh hour of a war against mediocrity for some time. If I fail and fall into that high walled trap I wish to be bludgeoned in the back of the head with a ball-peen hammer so that I can walk around as glazed as most people I meet and not be aware of it.

Today Kathryn showed me Lumosity and, after some research and a lot of taking-her-word-for-it (neuroscience research specialist)    I signed up and have a 35 session, 3 month action plan to get back on that really high horse I bought in 2011.

I’m not leaving the development of my future power-house brain up to a website and iPhone App though.  At the recommendation of seemingly everyone who thinks they know me I am going to take advantage of the psychiatrists at the VA.  Becoming a consistently profitable trader as well as a top performing anything requires that you remove the energy from the inhibiting, de-habilitating, beliefs that society has imposed on its moo’ing crowds.    I took me a while, even, to find the strength to admit to myself that this is even a viable avenue given all the stigma attached to psychiatrists.  I’m not broken and I am not an emotional mess (some may have viable arguments to the contrary) but I do see room for improvement and I stretch that space as much as possible.

Being as completive as I am, I challenge anyone with an iPhone and seventy some bucks to take up the Lumosity challenge and see what development you can reap in three months.

My Brain Profile – Lumosity.


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