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At the Edge of the World

“Beyond the edge of the world there’s a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard.” Haruki Murakami

I love these words by Mr Murakami. When I created this picture I imagined a character one step from edge, one step from the beginning (the cliché) but also one step from returning to the world she knew. This step backward is symbolized by a featureless hole, an intractable compulsion to let the edge be and be happy with what she has and what she can expect and a dangerous alternative to redefining boundaries.

How many times have you found yourself on this narrow ledge? How many excuses have you conjured for not looking over it?


The Elevator!  I risked disappearing  into that hole for this picture.  Wild!


Photo: Captured on the North Shore of Oahu at a feature called “The Elevator.”  It is a lava tube, 10′ across and 20′ down.  It splits into multiple tubes under water.  In the summer, when the North Shore of Oahu is waveless, you can dive this place .  Prints are available up to 42″


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Getting new stuff

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The Bats of Miagao

There is a roosting tree for fruit bats 100m from Sulu Garden, Miagao.  Every night at 6:30 the bats leave the tree in groups until the whole sky is filled with them.


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Aloha Iowa

The first leg of my trip is complete.

The last major miles stone of mile, too.

I went to Iowa, became a dad, took some pictures and spoke at a University.  That about sums the March and April 2014.  That’s it in a nut shell;  in pictures and captions below.

To be honest, I really miss being near my son.  It only hits me when I’m alone with his pictures and it surprises me every time. All of his New born photos are here.

I look forward to visiting Iowa again and again over the years to see her in all the seasons.  I caught Iowa in between Winter and Spring and I don’t feel that did her beauty any justice.  I’m not convinced I could live there, I need mountains and ocean, but I am certain that it is an American treasure.

Aloha Iowa.

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