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Random Walk

It’s 2:22AM and it has been a short day.  At some point this afternoon, around 5PM, a catalyst collided with my brain.  Since then my mind has been careening in tangents and circles at 3,ooo mph.  Imagine glass shattering, the splitting fibers of that transparent solid split at about 3,000 mph.  That’s what my mind looks like.  I’m breaking from my regular photography post, which, most of you don’t read anyway.  (I know this because I can see the average length of time visitors spend on each page. You skip the words, look at the pictures, then flee.) I’m going to figuratively spill some thoughts on this digital canvas then publish it as random content on my website.  Read on if you enjoy tangents and ecological theories.   Continue reading »

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Enter the Furnace

I am not mentally prepared to “enter the furnace tomorrow.”  Yet, the world continues to spin (some 1,038 mph) and tomorrow is coming non-the-less.  Tomorrow my full work load will  fill to over capacity.  Kind of like a 2in1 shampoo or a celebrity airbus.  Two is not supposed to fit in One and celebrity air busses don’t ‘land’ on mountainsides….

I like to think I’m tougher than most celebrity airbus passengers, but I recognize a recipe for disaster.   Another semester of school starts mañana. This brings the heap on my dinner plate to:

1. Trading full time.

2. Work full time.

3. School: Industrial Psychology, full time.

4. Nereus Ventures, time and a half. Double and triple.

B. Goodtrade.co

C. LocalPhotoHI.com – developing this idea

InPlay Trading Group time and a half. Double and triple

A. WallStMaven.com

This work load has caused a burning plane/fiery crash already(at least for me). I don’t know what part of me will come burning down this year.    (hopefully I don’t need it)

The Phoenix doesn’t emerge from a water fountain, right?

photo credit phoenixarisen.deviantart.com


I will be BUSY this next semester.  This is not how I envisioned life after the Air Force.  When I discuss this work load with peers they all say, “Something has to give..”  then the next words out of their mouths invariably are to stop trying to start companies and be “realistic.” I swear, the next person who tells me to be realistic is getting kicked in the face, or the crotch.  It depends if I had stretched or not that morning.

Being and entrepreneur, even if its a starving one, is the key to happiness for me.  Doubly true for trading.  Therefore I have only School and Work on the chopping block.

Supposedly, School is helping me to grow and expand my experience.  On the GI Bill (Thank You Congress) I am paid roughly the same amount as I am being paid to work full time per month.  So work will be the first up on the chopping block.  It is the most sensible honestly; I already have income and my time is very precious- I shouldn’t be working full time.  But Hawaii is expensive and I am so far unable to down size into a 8×10 room again. Though, looking around me now, being in between places, thats exactly what I’m in.  Damn.

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